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Radical Res I UPDATE 1: Click here for preview information and images of the RES I >>>

Announcing: Radical Res I: a retro gaming console

Retro Game Emulation made Easy!

Relive and share with younger generations, the fantastic games of your youth like Mega Man, Metroid, Castlevania, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Street Fighter, Sonic The Hedgehog and thousands more.

The RES I is a fully configured retro gaming console. It is small and incredibly powerful and versatile. It is based on the Raspberry PI 2 B computer and the Retropie project. The RES I runs your favorite game ROMs for systems such as: ATARI, NES, SNES, GAMEBOY, MAME, SEGA, C64, SPECTRUM, PLAYSTATION and many more!

We recognize that many of you love retro gaming but not necessarily the endless tinkering with emulator software, linux configs and the frustration of getting a gamepad to work. Luckily we love to do that for you! All you or your kids have to to do is hook up the RES I to a TV or monitor and just have fun playing the games of old you loaded onto it!

Of course there are also tons of new retro games, so called homebrew games, to enjoy!

You can choose a number of different standard configuration of the RES I. For the technically inclined we also provide help with very specific needs such as overclocking, hooking up original gamepads from your favorite console systems and/or other specialized IO needs for custom arcade machine building.

We are also planning to provide services for homebrew creation and backing up ROMs from the old game cartridges you may have laying around from consoles long gone.

Keep an eye on this page the coming weeks for announcements and availability!
The RES I is coming soon and so is Christmas!

The first RES I configurations consist of: RES I console (black, white or clear housing) with a 16 GB class 10 UHS-1 microsd card, HDMI cable, Logitech F310 Gamepad (second F310 optional) and WIFI dongle.

Screen shots, videos and images from the RES I will appear soon. Also, make sure to mail us if you want to be the first to be notified of availability and when pre-ordering starts!



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